Tax Accounting for Real Estate Businesses

Minimize Your Taxes with an Accounting Firm that Knows Real Estate!

With our extensive background in real estate investing, we’ll help you reduce taxes and stay compliant with your real estate business. As a former CFO in the hotel real estate industry, our founder, Michelle Knipe, understands real estate, from acquisitions to investing to flipping properties and more.

Real estate professionals present unique and often challenging situations when it comes to financial and tax management. Many have multiple revenue streams, work with rental properties, and are involved in other real estate activities. That’s why it is so important that your tax advisor understands the intricacies of real estate tax laws — to keep you compliant and maximize your profits.

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Real Estate Business Formations

Your business entity formation is even more important to your real estate business than it is for a typical business. In addition to managing your financial risk, we’ll help you reduce your tax liabilities. As an example, we recently saved a Realtor client of ours thousands in taxes in taxes by restructuring their business formation late in the year. Another Realtor we work with had business income from other businesses — which is typical for real estate professionals. We simplified their personal and business tax filings and saved them money in multiple ways.

We can find results like that for you, too! It’s common to find up to 25% savings on taxes once you create the proper business entity with a real estate business.

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How We Help Real Estate Pros

When we work with real estate professional to establish their business entities, we do the following:

  1. File all paperwork with state and federal agencies.
  2. Set up an accounting system to keep records for each business under the overall business separate and reportable.
  3. File all periodic taxes.
  4. Establish budgets and forecasts that stay focused on your real estate growth strategies.

And remember, we’re always here for you. We answer the phone when our clients call us, because we care about your business success.