Arizona Business Entity Formations

Minimize Your Taxes and Liability with the Correct Business Entity Formation

Choosing the right form of business will impact your company for years to come. Business entity formation determines your level of personal liability and the way you pay taxes — and likely how much you pay in taxes. When you work with our team, you get the advice you need to choose the right formation. Then, we file all of the paperwork for you, as well as future tax documents.

We’ve helped our clients save thousands in taxes by a simple change in business entity. While these results will vary based on your specific situation, we’re confident that we’ll find the best formation for your business and take the hassle out of the paperwork.

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Type of Business Formations in Arizona:

Sole Proprietorship:

This one is simple. Just start doing business in your own name or file for a Trade Name with the Secretary of State. However, you have no protection from liabilities — they all land on you, personally. Additionally, you may see greater tax liabilities. So, let’s look at the other options.


Two or more people can form a partnership. There are two types of partners: General and Limited. General partners are personally responsible for all liabilities and taxes, and pay taxes on their personal taxes. Limited partners are liable only to the extent of their initial investment in the company.

Limited Liability Company (LLC):

Members of an LLC are only responsible to cover debts and liabilities to the extent of their original investments in the company, hence the ‘Limited’ designation. All profits flow to the individuals and are filed on personal taxes. This is an easy way to form a business, reduce liability, and manage partners (members). Some LLCs can also be designated as other types of corporations for tax purposes.


A corporation is a public entity, with owners having shares of the business. The company is liable for its own debts and taxes, and shareholders file taxes based on the distributions received. That is why C Corporations get what people refer to as ‘double taxation.’ There are cases where filing as a C Corp makes sense, and we’ll help you determine if that’s the case with your business.


A non-profit in Arizona is a Corporation. Once we establish the Arizona entity, we’ll file with the IRS to get the non-profit, 501c3 designation.

In Arizona, we file Articles of Incorporation for a Corporation. Once that is filed and accepted, we then file the Federal Tax designation with the IRS: S-Corp, C-Corp or 501c3 (non profit). Don’t worry. We handle all of that for you.

For an LLC, we’ll file the Articles of Organization with the state.

Business Formation Services

As part of a new business launch, we do the following for you:

  • Conduct a full review of your business plan to determine the best form of business to use
  • On a case by case basis, we reserve your Trade Name and any other associated trade names (DBAs, “doing business as” names)
  • File all paperwork, including Articles of Incorporation or Organization, with the proper government agencies (Corporation Commission and/or Secretary of State)
  • Obtain your EIN (Employer Identification Number) with the IRS
  • Apply for any other city and state tax licenses

What Else?

We’ll get your business up and running, from the legal entity filings to bookkeeping systems, and even some sound business advice to help you find success in your business. That said, there are a couple other things related to our work that you’ll want to take care of, including:

  • Your business’ domain, website and emails.
  • A business bank account, with separate credit/debit cards.

Let The Tax Minimizers take care of your Business Entity Formation, so that you can focus on setting up and running your business. Call us today at (480) 626-8003 to get this started.

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